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Tom Eldridge, designs, builds, and writes

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    About me

    Hello, curious traveller to this bio. I am Tom Eldridge, a design strategist helping to build businesses, product and services that are sustainable and people orientated. ​​

    What is strategic design and where do I fit in?

    ​​ I help organisations find the right opportunities to future-proof their business by helping them better integrate with the people and environments they operate in. Strategic Design builds on my background in service design, user research to create a more considered approach to services.

    Here’s a summary of the services I offer.

    Through a strategic design process to solve problems, I accelerate learning and create more meaning for businesses, government bodies and their end-users. My approach to strategic design is based on the guideing principles of user research, identifying opportunities, and the crafting of resilient solutions. ​​

    But what is Strategic Design? I’ve written some thoughts on the discipline over here


    ​ I studied Political Science at the London School of Economics. These brought two schools of thought crashing together - Systems Thinking and Strategic Policy - that heavily influences my ways of working today. That is taking a holistic view of a situation and developing a deeper understanding of people and their interaction with systems. ​

    Beyond talking about work what else do you do?

    ​ I am a runner and a triathlete who fell into these activities late in life.

    My life is powered by good coffee rituals (the inverted aero press method if you must know is my preferred brewing technique) and the patience of my family and friends.