Designing an urban mobility tracker

A service design project with Vodafone Innovation team to explore and develop a service aimed at urban bike, & moped commuters to track their vehicles from their mobile, giving them greater sense of security.

With commuters exploring new forms of mobility in cities, the task was to deliver a service that would allow commuters to track their urban vehicle from their mobile device. 

The service, Bikexone comprised of a connected tracking device, embedded in a LED light, that attached to a bike.

Lightweight and rechargeable, the bikexone GPS tracking device provided instant access to the location of a customer's bike via the bikexone iOS app.

The intelligent, bike-mounted alarm system recognises when it’s owner leave their bike’s vicinity and automatically activates, reassuring them that their bike is always protected

My role encompassed exploring the opportunity areas, setting the strategic direction, conducting user research, guiding the internal development teams, and managing hardware suppliers.

The initial service was launched in 5 European markets 


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