Rethinking the airport lounge of the future

In response to the romance of air travel being slowly drained Virgin, were determined to create a compelling air lounge service experience for travellers. As the strategic design lead my role was to create a service layer that challenged the accepted convention of sterile, impersonal airport lounges and brought the glamour back to travel.

Through a number of stakeholder workshops and customer interviews I facilitated, personas were developed to reflect a more diverse set of customers, behaviours, and expectations on service. 

A picture of the existing clubhouse experience was built up through a number of field studies I conducted, observing customers as they use the clubhouse services. the learnings from this helped to inform a new customer experience map that reframed luxury for travellers using the clubhouse. 

It was not just the front of house service touch-points that were mapped, but also the capabilities of staff and processed were tested from different perspectives. For example, the commercially viability of the new services were tested with the commercial team.


The new clubhouse was launched in San Francisco and customer response has seen it become the most popular Virgin Lounge


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