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Three - Reframing a flexible mobile tariff

Reframing the mobile tariff that flexes

In the face of a lack of differentiation across mobile network providers, Three was facing the dilemma of knowing it needed to change its consumer offering, while protecting its existing revenue.

Three Service Design work

My role as the strategic design lead was to explore how the business could pivot away from relying on revenue from contract and PAYG tariffs. To unpick this, the team and I worked with stakeholders to generate new opportunities that could work with their existing capabilities.

These opportunities were tested with customers to determine how attractive they would be. I ran a number of user research sessions where the business concepts were tested using prototypes and card sorting exercises.

​With a selection of desirable services identified, the team and I engaged with stakeholders in a workshop to understand the commercial viability of those ideas. We did this by creating use case scenarios and stories for the stakeholders to interact with. From the resulting feedback we distilled the recommendations into a compelling customer journey was created that explained the new business opportunity clearly to Three executive board before being implemented