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Tom Eldridge, designs, builds, and writes

Kickstart - Career building service for young people

Preventing long-term CV scarring for young people

Young people in the UK were identified as being at risk from long-term CV scarring in 2020. A consequence of Covid-19 impacting the the UK economy.

Kickstart Scheme logo

The challenge was to design a Government backed service that gives young people the opportunity to gain work experience and skills. At the heart of the Kickstart scheme was a marketplace that matched employers to young people together.

From the moment the scheme was announced by the UK Government in the summer of 2020, there was a hard deadline to design and get the service up and running by September.

The focus of attention was to bring the core team and stakeholders together to a common vision for the service and then to design and build a joined up servce that is in keeping with GOV.UK patterns of design.

Key to designing the service was the creation of a unifying service design map that captured the future state of the service. Once the service was live, the focus switched to enhancing the service experience for employers, young people and Job Centre staff who all interacted with the service.