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BSI - Creating a service for international standards

Remodelling Standards to help a new audience

Over time the BSI had lost its way in understanding who its customers were and how BSI’s services could best meet their needs. If it continued down that path, BSI as a viable business would slide into irrelevance.

British Standards Institute Service Design work

The problem space was how do you demonstrate the value of Standards to new and existing customers? Key to unlocking this, was understanding the service needed to reverse customer attrition.

Through generative sessions with stakeholders and customers I uncovered key problem areas to focus on as part of the design sprints.

A heuristic framework was developed to assess BSI’s online presence that identified key points to improve the service for customers

​Personas were created to better reflect the customers and how they experience BSI service. From these personas, a new Service Blueprint was created with touch-points that addressed the needs of customers.

​After implementing the key changes, customer queries were down by 65%. While new customers registering with BSI doubled as a result of making it clearer and easier to complete the registration process