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Tom Eldridge, designs, builds, and writes

Barclays Mortgages - Re-imagining the mortgage application experience

Arranging a mortgage can be a slow, difficult, and emotionally draining. One of the UK’s largest mortgage providers realised this and wanted to rethink how it could be done better.

Barclays Mortgages Service Design work

Working with senior stakeholders and customers, I mapped out the existing mortgage journey – capturing the business processes, regulation requirements, and the customers' thoughts and feelings at every step. From this service map I worked with a team of designers and stakeholders in the business to identify painpoints.

The focus for the sprint was on creating a flexible dialogue between staff and customers to navigate the process. Through prototyping and research we uncovered the barrier created with customers towards the legal language used. From this insight, a simplified and customer friendly process was created and tested with stakeholders and customers.