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Barclays Bank - Creating a smart financial coach service

Creating a smart financial coach service

Barclays Retail Bank has managed to keep pace with challenger banks such as Monzo and Starling by rolling out a number of digital services. However the challenge for Barclays was how to better integrate these digital services with their existing branch and telephone touch-points so that customers get a joined up experience.

Barclays Mortgages Strategic Design work

With the senior leadership team at Barclays Retail Bank I helped to design a unifying service for their products and services.

Customer and commercial considerations were gathered with key stakeholders and customers in workshops and interviews. From these generative sessions a customer experience map formed that harmonised the different product and service offerings customers experience from their bank.

‚ÄčA result of this strategic design project was to provide a customer centric road map for Barclays products and services. This roadmap would unify the experience for customers based on their needs / Jobs to be Done and it would unify this around the theme of Barclays being in the business of building confidence for its customers