Strategy x Design

Tom Eldridge, designs, builds, and writes

What I Do

The services and experience I bring as a Design Strategist

I can work as an independent consultant placed into your existing team or I can use my network of experiences researchers, Designers, and Product Managers to help you tackle a business design challenge. ​

Strategic Design Services

  1. Value proposition development - I have experience with designing business models that fit a product or service to the needs of the audience.

  2. User & customer research -From setting up user interviews, to designing surveys, and running usability sessions. From these activities I extract key insights that address the heart of the challenge. I have designed research studies to get to the heart of the challenge facing my clients. ​

  3. UX Prototyping - In conjunction with running research I create wireframes and workign prototypes for users and stakeholders to test and observe their response

  4. Designing & running workshops - with stakeholders and customers to get under the skin of the problem.

  5. Agile ways of Working - Experienced working in Sprint environments with a regular cadence of planning, doing, and socialising the results. ​

  6. Persona Development and Service Experience Mapping - Key outputs from my work includes a detailed modelling of personas and designing experiences that meet their needs.